What is Title I?

  • Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act provides financial assistance to state and local educational agencies to meet the needs of at-risk children.  The goal of Title I is to provide instructional services to meet the needs of children identified as being at risk of failing the state's challenging performance standards.

    The Title I program will provide your child with extra educational assistance beyond the regular classroom.  The Lodi Public Schools Title I programs provide supplementary instruction in the areas of reading and math.

    First, the federal government provdes funding to each state.

    Then, State Educational Agencies send this money to school districts.  The amount of money each school receives is determined by the number of low-income students attending the school.

    Finally, Title I schools identify the students who need the most educational assistance based on the criteria established by our school district.  Students do NOT have to be from low-income families to receive Title I services.

    Our district has a student selection process in place, which uses objective, uniformly applied criteria to all students to determine which students are most in need of Title I services.  Parents are informed if their child is eligible and are given the opportunity to accept or decline services.

    We always welcome feedback from our Title I parents.  If you have any questions, comments, or would like to be involved in Title I program development, please contact me.

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